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Midtown, New York, NY — Current Conditions
Daily Summary for January 21, 2018
  Current: High: Low: Average:
Temperature: 72.9°F °F °F °F
Dew Point: 36.4°F °F °F °F
Humidity: 26% % % %
Wind Speed: - mph - mph
Wind Gust: - mph - -
Wind: North - -
Pressure: 29.88in in in -
Precipitation: in      
Statistics for the rest of the month
    High: Low: Average:
Temperature:   74.7°F 58.8°F 68.4°F
Dew Point:   33.1°F 21.2°F 28.6°F
Humidity:   26.0% 19.0% 22.0%
Wind Speed:   0.0mph from the North - 0.0mph
Wind Gust:   0.0mph from the North - -
Wind:   - - North
Pressure:   30.46in 29.29in -
Precipitation:   0.00in    
KNYNEWYO238 Weather Graph
Tabular Data for January 21, 2018
Time Temp. Dew Point Pressure Wind Gust Humidity Rainfall
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